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Hello Miners Escape Community!

I am so glad that you all have decided to join us. We are so close the Beta Phase 1 and full server release. We are excited to see what our server is yet to bring. We want you to know what our server is going to be about here are some descriptions of our servers.

Factions – Factions is the same across all servers, you see people that have big groups of people that raid others and fight to become the best factions on the server. We want to be the outcast of faction servers. Which means that we are adding a bunch of features that will make our servers unique and different from other factions’ server available.

Creative – We are excited to announce that Miners Escape will offer a place for players to express their creativity, with build contests and more!
KitPVP – KitPVP will offer a way for players to fight as group or duel as individuals with our uniquely designed maps, we will offer more than just an ordinary KitPVP Server.
Skyblock – Skyblock is...